This old Squire SS100 was purchased in 2018 by Steve Schultheis from Jack Merriam, the original owner's stepson.
The original owner (name unknown at this point) was an investor in Auto Sport Inc in Philadelphia PA.
It was probably a second prototype given to one of the major investors at the time.
This find prompted the search for the pedigree/serial number/VIN on this Squire.



After a lot of research digging through the files and multiple eyes looking around in the archives,
we have decided that this Squire really is one of the first production Squires that was delivered to
the USA following the delivery of the first prototype which did not meet DOT muster. Modifications
had to be made to all of the Squires in order to meet the DOT regulations at the time. The brochure
below was made using this particular Squire. The final determination and pedigree is based
upon the white body color, wishbone rear bumper support, the one extended clear light below the
red tail light on the rear, the lack of exterior door handles, and the screw-on hubs, all visible in the
photos in the brochure below. Based on this evidence, We are assigning this Squire SS-100 a VIN
recognized as white Missing Squire #17 in the original list. The VIN for this Squire is hereby assigned as 11017525.

Great find, Steve!