Spring Rally in Scottsdale AZ March 2005

The desert was sweet!

But not as sweet as those beautiful Squires in the circular driveway.

So leave those beauties behind and head out back for lunch.

Squire SS-100 #8 magically appears at the far end of the row
of cars after lunch.

Chuck, Anne, Paul and Art give #8 the once over.

Some other folks huddle down the line to compare notes.

The crowd gathers to review #8 and talk shop.

Can't stop talking cars when you get this group together.

Under the hood of #8 you can see the 289 Mustang engine
mounted to the frame.

Truly the beginning of a whole new look for #8.

The bare inside of #8 shows the new firewall, dashboard
mounting and gearshift.

I wonder what it will look like this time next year?

The front courtyard of Black Mountain Oasis Vineyard makes a
suitable backdrop for the Squires.

Nice to see all of them in a row.


Ole #8 was featured at the end of the row... ah one more year then we shall see.

The last photo before they all ran away to meet again in the fall.