FRIDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 11, 2009 - Weather was sunny and warm.

Marshall NC, County seat of Madison County - Population 842
Population of Madison County - 19,200


Murray's Avanti & Morgan's Squire wind their way up the mountain to the Blethen log cabin


When the paved roads ran out, signs directed the drivers to the Blethen log cabin


Last sign at the end of the dirt driveway to the log cabin on Frank Rector Road
leading to the top of the mountain - check that view!


Mark Offenburg, Cal Morgan & Bob Murray look over the Squire photo album
while having a beer on the Blethen back porch


Ed Spielman enjoying the old rocking chair, the view and the gear-head talk.


Cal Morgan's Squire SS100 #21 open for inspection at the Blethen log cabin
on top of the mountain at 2100 feet.


Chuck & Jeannie had obtained a special case of wine that was made in
1973 in New York. They made special commemorative labels for the Squire
rally team that visited Madison County NC.

SATURDAY MORNING - OCTOBER 12, 2009 - Meet for breakfast at the Zuma
Coffee shop - Weather was going to be cold and rainy most of the day.

This is a new Marshall welcome sign just in process of being completed at Squire rally time.


Jan Dullaert standing in front of the Madison County Courthouse in downtown Marshall across the street from the Zuma Coffee shop


Paul Dulaert petting the Courthouse cat


Cal Morgan's Squire enters town.


Squire SS100 #8 makes her maiden voyage down the mountain to Marshall


The rally crew was waiting for Chuck & Jeannie in Ole #8 to drive down the
mountain. They said you could hear Ole #8 coming half way up the mountain with those mufflers!
We were ready to start our day-long shakedown run - no tools in the car...
Check out those wire wheel hub caps that Mark Offenburg brought from
New York complete with paper knockoffs!


We had breakfast at the Zuma Coffee shop in Marshall


The whole crew having breakfast at Zumas


Great food - ready to start the run to The Preserve at Little Pine


Murray's Avanti follows the two Squires to the entrance to the Preserve at Little Pine


Lots of curvy roads make it great driving for the Squire roadsters.


The Equestrian Center at the entrance to the Preserve at Little Pine.


Some pictures in the Lodge showing the view from 4200 feet, and the
telescope in the observatory with a roof that slides open at night and
has a heated room for watching stars.


It was so foggy and rainy that there was NO view to see


So we listened to the carpenter who installed the poplar tree bark siding explain the process


Ole #8 waits in the rain. Couldn't get the passenger side windows closed so we
used a plastic bag to keep Jeannie dry.


The whole convoy sits in the rain at the Lodge at 4200 feet - NO view from here today!


The Squires wait in the rain for the drive back down the mountain


Come on! Let's get going - she really wants to run with that 289 Mustang engine.


On the way back down the mountain, the rally crew makes a stop to tour the
DIY TV Blog House at the Preserve at Little Pine


A tree house on the way up the driveway to the DIY TV Blog House


Chuck has to take a peek - yep, too small for adults but kids will have a blast!


The enrance to the DIY TV Blog House.


The Dullaerts and Speilman pose in front of one of the many fireplaces


Jeannie & the Dullaerts pose for the camera on the front porch


Chuck & Jeannie make their way back to Ole #8 in the drizzle.

SATURDAY LUNCH - Kana'Ti Lodge B&B. Weather continued to rain and drizzle.

Lots of Madison Count curves up to 4000 feet to get to the Kana'Ti Lodge B&B


The Squires led the rally crew to the circular driveway out front of Kana'Ti Lodge


Mountain isolation, peace and quiet, and rustic charm await the Squire rally crew


Lodge owner, David Kendall, whips up our hearty lunch. Chuck brought the wine!


Recycled old barn logs, roof tin, and tobacco-stick hand-railing spindles add to the ambiance


Jan looks over the great room with its player piano and comfy sofas


View up the steps made of eight-inch logs


Seating on the side porch for lunch. Where's the people??


Inside with Jan, smelling the aromas coming from the kitchen - Let's eat!


The Squire rally crew enjoys lunch and a glass of wine on the side porch


View of the back side of Kana'Ti Lodge - those are old single pane glass windows


Bob Murray checking out the other side porch just outside of one of the three B&B rooms available


One of the rooms for rent at the B&B


Jeannie & Jan check out the old hand written German family tree


The Squire rally crew ready to leave and start the drive back down the mountain to Trust NC


More Madison County curvy roads! Squires lov'em...


Next stop - Saint Jude's Chapel of Hope in Trust NC


Chuck & Jeannie pose outside their favorite chapel.
It has 4 pews - room for 2 people to sit in each one.


Near the chapel was the Puttin' Up House


In years past, this building was a canning house for the local farm.


The Squire rally crew stops at the Spring Creek Cafe & Trust General Store to look around.


And then more Madison County curvy roads to Hot Springs to peek in a shop or two.


And then more Madison County curvy roads from Hot Springs to Marshall for dinner
at the Bacchus Bistro.

SUNDAY BREAKFAST - OCTOBER 11, 2009 - at The Cafe in Marshall - Weather was warm and sunny.


After breakfast, Ed Spielman had to personally experience riding in Ole #8


He said he was impressed...


Then Mark Offenburg took his turn - He was REALLY impressed!
After breakfast, Morgan and Murray left for their long drive back to Raleigh.


The remaining Squire rally crew took yet another curvy road up Walnut Creek Road


There we visited Dennis Ruane, owner of Walnut Creek Gallery.
Dennis is one of the best woodcarvers in Western North Carolina.


Ed & Mark with their bags of hand-carved wooden gifts for their friends/family back home.


Ole #8 back on the road to the Blue Ridge Parkway for some fall color enjoyment


Next stop - the Folk Art Center - crafts from the mountains of North Carolina.
One guy was making brooms by hand.


Paul posing at the entrance to the Folk Art Center


A view of part of the shops displaying crafts from hundreds of NC mountain artisans


Next stop was the Mikado Sushi Restaurant where
we introduced Jan & Paul Dullaert to Japanese food.
After lunch, Ed & Mark headed to Charlotte NC to
catch their respective flights back home.


The Dullaerts had missed the view from our home on top of the mountain when they
arrived after dark on Friday evening. So they followed us back to Marshall for
coffee - good thing - we ran out of gas a few hundred yards from our home-town
gas station! After scrambling to get a gas can and fill it with gas, we made it back to
the mountain.


Our log home as seen from our raised-bed garden.


Front view of the Blethen log home


Our garage with the wine bottle & glasses weather vane, an old roll of barbed wire,
some Halloween decorations, and the semi-circular flower bed made with hand-made
adobe blocks. Chuck bulit the wooden molds from which he and Jeannie cast the modified
adobe blocks using the local red clay, sand, a touch of Portland cement and water.


Jan & Chuck discussing some of our remodeling progress. Roof jacks hold up the porch
overhang while the recently poured concrete sets. Paul & Jan could see the view today.


Chuck & Jeannie gave each of the rally crew a copy of the original Squire brochure.

And that was the end of our 2009 Fall Rally in the mountains of North Carolina!